November 24, 2009

Bang Bang- Bikini Days

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Artist: Bang Bang
Album Title: Bikini Days
Writer/Producer: John/Prehn/Loots/Lucas
Catalog Number: 8TH027D

It may not quite be another dimension, but Cape Town, South Africa seems pretty far away to most of us. You might be thinking of safaris and zebras, but not often noted is South Africa’s strong and growing deep house scene. It’s no surprise that steady, danceable rhythms would be enthusiastically embraced in the African continent. Many exciting labels, DJs, and club nights have sprung up, forming a burgeoning movement.

An exciting part of this scene is Bang Bang, a self-described “live electronic outfit.” Four members make up Bang Bang: Reuben John on vocals; Matt Prehn on decks, keys, and effects; Matthew Loots on the guitars; and Sterra Lucas on percussion. Their forte is writing and performing deep, disco house as well as forays into their own newly created genre “saloon funktronica“. Says Prehn, “We did just make that up, but we’re fans of a stripped but incessant groove and a dancefloor that sways naughtily more than it jacks.”

October 9, 2009

Hawke – +++ (a new album from Gavin Hardkiss)

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Artist: Hawke
Album Title: +++
Writer/Producer: Gavin Hardkiss
Catalog Number: 8TH026D

Eighth Dimension Records is pleased to announce the release of +++, the fourth artist album by Hawke, the song-crafting nome-de-plume of producer/DJ Gavin Hardkiss. Recorded in San Diego and San Francisco between 2004 and 2009, the album was conceived as a creative statement of naive beauty and possibility. “At times I tried to imagine what it would sound like if I was a teenager again making this music alone in my bedroom,” Gavin says. “Romantic and futurist, confident and vulnerable, sexually charged and childlike, anticipating something big to happen.”

Drawing inspiration from the electronic/”alternative music” hybrids prevalent during the late 80’s “Second Summer Of Love+++ is awash in stylistic curiosities, spirited lyrics, evocative instrumentation, and solid melodies. Its genre-blurring disposition is evident in such gems as “Inside Job” (a dub-influenced ode to theft and temptation penned with original Steve Miller Band guitarist David Denny), the exuberant “Monday Comes And Goes” (a defiant stand against the Monday morning condition), the playful “Everything Is Happening At The Same Time“, and “Bob’s My Uncle” (Gavin’s take on the classic Happy Mondays’ song). (more…)

Hawke’s Music In A Coachella Video

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Gavin HardkissHawke project has a new album due soon. Titled +++ its eleven tracks are a delicious mash of psychedelic atmospheres and dreamy electronica. As an enticing preview, our friends at BoingBoingTV have used a track from +++, titled “Everything Is Happening At The Same Time“, as the soundtrack to this exhilerating time-lapse video of last spring’s Coachella Music Festival. Shot and assembled by another friend of ours, photographer Ray Klein, this video hypnotically condenses three days of Coachella into four minutes. Enjoy!