Artists & Releases


Atmosphere – Cloud 9 (12”)
Atmosphere – Oblivion (12”)

Atnarko Bear

Atnarko Bear – Tunnelvision (Digital)

Bang Bang

Bang Bang- Bikini Days (Digital)

Beaters & Bowls

Beaters & Bowls- The Stranger (Digital)

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington – Feel Fantabulous (CD, Digital)
Beef Wellington – Dedication (12”, Digital)
Beef Wellington Featuring Alex Sarton & Swamburger – Slightly Elevated (12”, Digital)
Beef Wellington Featuring Swamburger – Magnetic (Digital)


BMF – Steel Contraption (12”)

Funky Transport

Funky Transport – Beautiful Boy (12”, Digital)

Green City

Green City – Josephine (12”, Digital)


Hawke – Love Won Another (CD, Digital)
Hawke – Love Won Another- Dance Remixes (Digital)
Hawke – Love Won Another – Chill Remixes (Digital)

John Bigbooty

John Bigbooty – John Bigbooty EP (Digital)

Pimp Daddy Nash

Pimp Daddy Nash – Year Of The Pimp (12”)
Pimp Daddy Nash – Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz (CD, Digital)
Pimp Daddy Nash – The New Jazz Science (CD, Digital)
Pimp Daddy Nash – It’s A Wonderful Life (12”, Digital)

Q-Burns Abstract Message

Q-Burns Abstract Message – Re-Routed (The Invisible Airline Remixes) (CD, Digital)
Q-Burns Abstract Message – Re-Routed (The Remixes Part One) (12”, Digital)
Q-Burns Abstract Message – This Time (Remixes) (12”, Digital)
Q-Burns Abstract Message – You Are My Battlestar (Remixes) (Digital)
Q-Burns Abstract Message – Shame (Remixes) (Digital)


Swamburger & BMF – S.W.A.M. (Survival With A Mind) (12”)
Swamburger – The Roots Of Kin (CD, Digital)
Swamburger – 9 To 5 Poortrait (12”, Digital)
Swamburger Featuring Zano & Deuce Logic – Sun-Vibes (12”)
Swamburger Featuring Zano & Deuce Logic – Sun-Vibes Remixes(Digital)


Tetris – Two Hours (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remixes) (12”, Digital)

Various Artists

Jazz In The Eighth Dimension – Volume One – Mixed Emotions (CD)
Sound In The Round Sampler (12”)
Sound In The Eighth Dimension Volume 1 (12”, CD, Digital)
Selected Material (CD, Digital)
Future Past Tense — Remixes By Q-Burns Abstract Message (CD, Digital)