Pimp Daddy Nash featuring Nica Brooke – It Doesn’t Have To Snow (To Be Christmas)

As a gift from Eighth Dimension Records here’s something cool and seasonal as a free download. It’s not ‘house’ or even really ‘dance music,’ but instead a jazzy, trip-hop tinged Christmas tune from a member of Eighth Dimension’s original band of merry-men, Pimp Daddy Nash. Enjoy and happy holidays!

1. It Doesn’t Have To Snow (To Be Christmas)
2. It Doesn’t Have To Snow (To Be Christmas) – Nica’s Jazzy Standard Mix
3. It Doesn’t Have To Snow (To Be Christmas) – Asinine Demix
4. It Doesn’t Have To Snow (To Be Christmas) – Instrumental

Pimp Daddy Nash, the brainchild of eclectic Orlando producer Jon Curtis, has been spreading beats across a jazzy backdrop since his 1996 debut on Mephisto Records. Pimp Daddy Nash’s story developed with two artist albums (The New Jazz Science and Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz), a major label offer from Germany, and numerous remixes and alter-ego experiments. The Pimp Daddy Nash alias had been put aside in favor of other disparate projects until the idea of a Christmas song suddenly materialized. Its familiar jazz sensibility mixed with smooth electronic rhythms made one thing clear to Curtis: Pimp Daddy Nash had returned.

The result is “It Doesn’t Have To Snow (To Be Christmas),” a sly take on holiday musical fare that, while utilizing sounds and technology of modern electronica, has a decidedly classic flavor. Adding to this was the inspired choice of featured vocalist for the track. Label-mate Q-Burns Abstract Message suggested that Curtis contact Nica Brooke, a California-based singer known both for her sublime jazz-based originals as well as her contribution to house music records from the likes of Atnarko and Da Sunlounge. The pairing created instant magic. The song’s stand-up bass and emotive piano blended perfectly with Brooke’s sultry delivery. It’s a wonderful late night Christmas tune, suitable for retro lounges, fire-lit cabanas, and space age bachelor pads alike.

Nica Brooke was inspired by the song to create a rework using her own arrangement, the Jazzy Standard Version. This stripped-down treatment focuses on her impeccable vocal as accompanied by a more traditional jazz trio. On the other hand, mysterious electro-pop group Asinine provides a remix accentuating the electronic elements, adding synthesized chimes and sleigh bells for Nica’s voice to float over.

Whether your holiday is in traditional climes or found somewhere on the moon, there is a version of “It Doesn’t Have To Snow (To Be Christmas)” for you.


Nica Brooke – Vocals
David Gibbs – Piano
Pimp Daddy Nash – Programming, Bass, Music Box

Music and Lyrics by Jon Curtis
© 2010 Eighth Dimension Publishing (BMI)

Additional Arrangements by David Gibbs and Nica Brooke

Recorded at Futura Sound Labs and Nicabroo Music.
Mastered by Charlie Webb Mastering and Austin Storms (Nica’s Jazzy Standard Mix).

Also available from iTunes and Amazon