Hawke – +++ (a new album from Gavin Hardkiss)

Artist: Hawke
Album Title: +++
Writer/Producer: Gavin Hardkiss
Catalog Number: 8TH026D

Eighth Dimension Records is pleased to announce the release of +++, the fourth artist album by Hawke, the song-crafting nome-de-plume of producer/DJ Gavin Hardkiss. Recorded in San Diego and San Francisco between 2004 and 2009, the album was conceived as a creative statement of naive beauty and possibility. “At times I tried to imagine what it would sound like if I was a teenager again making this music alone in my bedroom,” Gavin says. “Romantic and futurist, confident and vulnerable, sexually charged and childlike, anticipating something big to happen.”

Drawing inspiration from the electronic/”alternative music” hybrids prevalent during the late 80’s “Second Summer Of Love+++ is awash in stylistic curiosities, spirited lyrics, evocative instrumentation, and solid melodies. Its genre-blurring disposition is evident in such gems as “Inside Job” (a dub-influenced ode to theft and temptation penned with original Steve Miller Band guitarist David Denny), the exuberant “Monday Comes And Goes” (a defiant stand against the Monday morning condition), the playful “Everything Is Happening At The Same Time“, and “Bob’s My Uncle” (Gavin’s take on the classic Happy Mondays’ song).

For Hawke’s +++, Gavin Hardkiss draws deep into his influences, referencing songs and memories from his youth, but still reveals his place in “electronic music royalty” (according to Wired Magazine) with psychedelic dance flourishes. The gorgeous and cascading “My Mom Is Your Dad” would not have been out of place on the seminal Hardkiss album Delusions of Grandeur. And “These Combinations Have Not Been Before” (featuring, as Gavin says, the voice of “a being from another dimension”) is filled with a thorough introspection which almost disguises its hypnotic, steady dance rhythm.

In another blow to easy categorization, Gavin Hardkiss has traded the traditional idea of musical remixes to +++‘s songs for visual artistic interpretations. A slew of artists, sculptors, and others working in visual mediums have been enlisted to create works based on the songs from +++. The eventual collection will create a traveling art show which will accompany Hawke’s performances at various art gallery spaces, eschewing with the idea of a traditional “DJ tour”. Renowned artists already on board include Fernando Apodaca, Felipe Merida, and Justin Young.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gavin Hardkiss now makes his home across the Golden Gate Bridge near the city by the Bay. During the 1990’s Gavin was one of the originators of San Francisco dance culture with his music labels Hardkiss and Sunburn. Over the past decade, he has remixed the likes of Led Zepellin, Elton John, Michael Franti and Youssou N’Dour, performed alongside Snoop Dogg and The Buena Vista Social Club and released original recordings in Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Gavin has also developed a successful international DJ career, jetting out weekends to entertain funky hedonists with his provocative beats and gamma rays. He has traveled the world presenting a hybrid sound of house, techno funk and electronic precipitation.

As a producer and performer, he recently worked with the Zhukov Dance Theatre at the Yerba Buena Center on a modern dance production. Under his Hawke guise, Gavin Hardkiss has released multiple singles and three albums, including the critically acclaimed Love Won Another, also released on Eighth Dimension Records. +++ is Hawke’s fourth artist album.

Hawke – +++ (Eighth Dimension Records – 8TH026D) by Eighth Dimension

Album available now from Amazon and iTunes