Beaters & Bowls – The Stranger (remixes by Jevne and Sleazy McQueen)

Artist: Beaters & Bowls (Rick Preston & Roos)
Title: The Stranger
Remixes: Jevne and Sleazy McQueen

We’re almost at a loss for words to explain the situation responsible for the creation of the duo Beaters & Bowls. On one hand, there’s Rick Preston, famed California “panning for gold” enthusiast also responsible for past housey missives on labels such as Glasgow Underground, Freeze, and Viva!. On the other side we find Roos, the experienced Hydropologist based in a land called Dallas, creating his own bouncy tracks for Grab and Paved Groovement. The story says that the two met at a Sunbeam Convention and, somewhat impressed by a shared talent for beat-boxing and prowess with the pan flute, decided to collaborate on some choice tunes. While neither had a penchant for cooking, they both possessed an uncompromised fondness for the beaters and the bowls. The name sticks. And now we have Beaters & Bowls and their first track with Eighth Dimension, “The Stranger“.

It is a bit of a mystery as to the identity of “The Stranger” but clues persist in the lyrics to this sleek house groover and shaker. Covertly sung by Roos, a story unfolds of a suspicious encounter, imagined or otherwise. The original mix of “The Stranger” is a filled with rhythmic snare hits and key jabs accentuating its catchy melody. When the wah-wah trumpet (f’real) enters the fray it’s anything goes in the boogie zone. Beaters & Bowls have also provided a sparser Less Vocal Mix as well as the more driving Beaters Mix. The latter adds a bit of Chicago to the drums and a touch of Detroit to the bass for what’s sure to become a DJ’s darling.

Minneapolis’ don of Onethirty Recordings, the incomparable Jevne, has graced us with a lush, bottom heavy re-interpretation of “The Stranger”. Intricate percussive elements and warm pads converge to heat up the latest of late night parties. Sleazy McQueen, who has found recent success with fine labels like Bear Funk and Bananza, contributes his own skewed view to the track with a mix powered down to ‘the sexy tempo’. A clackity racket envelopes a pounding bassline and ominous tones, eventually making way for an acidic meltdown of disco lasers.

Eighth Dimension Records is pleased to present to you Beaters & Bowls and this diverse set of inventive, quality deep house. After one listen, we’re sure “The Stranger” will not be a stranger to your mixes and playlists. Bon Appétit!

Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina)“Jevne’s Onethirty Mix: Good stuff … thanks!”
Deep City Soul (UK)“There’s some great depth and bump to this one. The eclectic 80’s style vocal rides well and Sleazy McQueen hits it in a re-edit class of its own.”
Raymundo Rodriguez (Wrong Mixed Sessions, UK)“I’m loving the vocal on this. The original, Jevne’s, and the Beaters mixes are all very nice indeed.”
Larry Fives (Inland Knights, UK)“The Beaters Mix is nice and dirty.”
Amit Shoham (Tarantic, San Francisco)“Great release. It reminds me why I’ve been a Rick Preston fan for over 15 years. It’s tough to pick a favorite mix … the original and Beaters mix will work best for me.”
DJ Rocca (Ajello, Italy)“Sleazy McQueen is a genius! Really crazy remix … love it!”

Additional DJ support from Mark Farina, JD Twitch (Optimo), Nick Holder, Chris Duckenfield (Swag), Da Sunlounge, Murray Richardson, and Sebastian Davidson.

Beaters & Bowls – The Stranger (Eighth Dimension Records) by Eighth Dimension

The Stranger by Beaters & Bowls is available now from these digital outlets:
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