Beef Wellington’s “Magnetic” Video & The Story Of The Song

Here’s a fantastic video for Beef Wellington‘s “Magnetic” (featuing Swamburger from Solillaquists of Sound on vocals). In addition to the wonderful song and the sight of Swamburger in action this video serves as a nice tribute to download Orlando. Swam visits the ViMi District, Rock N’ Roll Heaven, and DJ BMF‘s Phat N’ Jazzy club night at The Social.

The video was shot and edited by Beef Wellington’s Brendan Wood. From his words here is the story of “Magnetic” and the making of the video:

“The track was born during my first Summer in Los Angeles. After driving cross-country with a car full of nothing but clothes and music gear, I was greeted with 100+ degree afternoons and no air conditioning to save me. I explored the city and found its surreal essence rather inspiring. Everything was new to me, yet oddly familiar. I would come home after sweating in traffic for hours, take a cold shower and make music while looking out for miles over the San Fernando Valley. I was using new sounds, new software, with a fresh perspective, in a place that felt like it only existed in my head. I worked on the song for weeks, but it seemed to fall together in an instant once the hook melody found me.

I emailed the track to Swamburger back in Orlando. A few weeks later I got a disk in the mail with his vocals. He amazes me every time. I couldn’t have prayed for a better hook for that track. It’s about a woman’s energy… how she may have a troubled past, been hurt by many and loved by few, yet still radiates that light that attracts good things to her.

I try not to give Swam any direction as far as a theme for the song. I know he’ll be feeling the track as much as me, but in a different way. I mixed the vocals in a couple of days and never touched the track again. Sometimes I want to go back and clean things up, make the drums hit harder, or just touch up the mix… but some part of the initial vibe always gets lost. This time I knew not to go back.

As for the Magnetic video… we had lots of fun making that. We borrowed a camera, and drove around town taping in a few local spots. I knew where the record button was, which was all I needed. I neglected to clean the lens, which gave the outdoor shots some appropriate grime. The goal was to keep it simple… no story line, nothing too planned or fabricated. And there aren’t even any women in a video for a song about women. It was more designed to be a tribute to the old school rap videos, just presenting the song in the spots where we could be found on any given day.”