Atnarko Bear- Tunnelvision

Flashback to the mid-90’s and “funky breaks” fever has overtaken Orlando and spreads out to nightclubs all over the USA. Central Florida DJs and acts such as Icey, Friction & Spice, and Loveclub are making waves on the dance music scene. One of the leading records from that movement is a self-released 12″ for the song “Tunnel Vision” by Atnarko Bear. With a limited initial pressing the record became hard sought by breaks DJs everywhere and still fetches a pretty penny in the marketplace. Atnarko, who now records deep house music for the labels EIGHT-TRACKS, Kolour, and Robsoul, has decided to finally answer the demand for this record with a digital re-issue of the original “Tunnel Vision” tracks. It’s an energetic electronic breaks concoction that helps document a beloved time in the growth of US dance culture as well as the early beginnings of Atnarko’s production work. This is the first of a series of re-issues on Eighth Dimension spotlighting the early output of Atnarko Bear and the 90’s Orlando breaks scene.

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Atnarko Bear - Tunnelvision - EP

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