Q-Burns Abstract Message – Re-Routed (The Remixes Part One) (EDR 008)

Last summer, Astralwerks released the critically acclaimed album “Invisible Airline” by Q-Burns Abstract Message. With vocals by Naked Music’s Lisa Shaw and many diverse textures and directions, it became obvious that the tracks would lend themselves beautifully to numerous remixes and re-interpretations. Thus, the upcoming album “Re-Routed: The Invisible Airline Remixes” to be released on Michael “Q-Burns” own Eighth Dimension Records label.
A wide variety of top remixing talent has been assembled for this album, as evidenced by the four remixes on this first 12″ single culled from the “Re-Routed” album.

Lovesky – Sunburn Recordings and Hooj Choons artist Lovesky lavishly houses out on the lovely vocals of Miss Shaw in this emotional dancefloor workout. Just when you think this track was strictly for the house kids, the rollerskate break will pick you up, shoot you right on over to the bar and turn all deephearts on the floor and the bedroom inside-out.

King Britt – The mastermind behind Sylk 130 and Scuba turned in this passionate and ultra-deep mix that bumps like a heartbeat in the bassbin. King’s been previewing this mix in gigs as far away as Japan and he reports back that “they are surely digging it, yessiree….”.

Funky Transport – Hailing from the UK, this latest star on the 20/20 Vision Records roster delivers a funk-ified cut up stomper for the underground set. If you’re not moving to this groovy house interpretation, then it’s time to surrender your headphones at the front door.

Neon Heights – This heralded British deep house outfit re-interpreted “Differently” as a ’21st century lament for the twisted generation’… with a pumping
midtempo house beat and Lisa Shaw’s plaintive vocals. Strangely psychedelic and melancholy, this mix shows Neon Heights stretching the boundaries of house music even further than they have before.

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