Jazz In The Eighth Dimension – Volume One – Mixed Emotions (EDR 002)

Mixed Emotions, a compilation album exploring the modern definition of jazz for dancing.

These days, a reference to ‘jazz music’ can mean almost anything. Hip hop, soul, dub reggae, jungle, even the created genre of ‘trip hop’ has fallen under the umbrella of jazz. But, when applied to dance music, ‘jazz’ translates to a blurring of these genres, a fusion of different flavors to create a new, exciting whole. The true jazz masters thrived on such experimentation, and today’s dance scenes can benefit from it as well.

This is what Mixed Emotions is all about. Hip hop mixed with reggae, ambient mixed with bossa nova, techno mixed with jazz, and so on. Then they all blend together to create this collection coming from Eighth Dimension Records.

The unifying force of Mixed Emotions is the Bigfoot and Wildboy production team and the Eighth Dimension Studios in Orlando, Florida. Previously, this studio has produced dance music such as Atmosphere’s “Cloud Nine” and “Oblivion” singles on Eighth Dimension, Bahamut’s “Fly My Darling” 12″ on Rajo Records, and the Pimp Daddy Nash/Q-Burn’s Abstract Message split single on Mephisto Records. Here, Pimp Daddy Nash, Q-Burn’s Abstract Message, Dubmarine, and DJ BMF all contribute two songs each, recorded at Eighth Dimension Studios with Bigfoot and Wildboy.

leads both sides of Mixed Emotions with “I’m On” and “Funk Is Free”. Blending hip hop samples with reggae chants and jazzy beats is BMF’s specialty, as previously evidenced by his many DJ gigs throughout the United States. DJ BMF is also the resident DJ at Orlando’s well-known Phat N’ Jazzy club night.

Pimp Daddy Nash is a musician who works in the areas of ‘trance-jazz’ and ‘dance music for secret agents.’ The tracks “To Trap a Spy” and “Wendy Lost In Velvet” blend live playing with clever sound bites to create a downbeat musical atmosphere reminiscent of gritty film noir and dry martinis.

Dubmarine contributes “Feel The Sauce” and “Dub Systems Go!”. Dubmarine formed at the insistance of a mysterious character who claimed he could get them signed to a prominent UK dub label he knew. Well, this character turned out to be a con man and quickly left town. However, Dubmarine continues to create their unique sound fueled by their love of hip hop and classic Jamaican dub plates. The song “Feel The Sauce” will also appear on an upcoming ‘ragga-jazz’ compilation on C&S Records.

Q-Burn’s Abstract Message is the output of the lone Q-Burn, a studio hermit whose musical goal is to ‘express the message and convey a truth’. Vintage synthesis, drum loops, and echoey backgrounds help create “Uncertain T.” and “Vibe Checkin'”. Q-Burn’s Abstract Message also can be found doing radical remixes of others’ songs.

This is the first in what Eighth Dimension hopes will be a series of compilation albums highlighting music in the edge of blurred genres. We hope that you enjoy Mixed Emotions. To request more information, please contact Eighth Dimension at the number above.

Mixed Emotions: Jazz In The Eighth Dimension LP (Eighth Dimension Records)
Release date: August 22, 1995
Catalog Number: EDR-002

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